After the my fast food establishment disaster (will post picture) this weekend I learned two things.

1. Don’t eat fast food and always have something healthy in my purse before going out, just in case the hungry feeling visits me!

2. Not a good idea to stray away from good eating habits during the week because it can and will interfere with your exercise routine.

With that said:  I went to step today and had a blast as usual.  However, I found that I was really suggish.  Didn’t know if I would be able to make it through, but I did. The food from yesterday made me sick and with a terrible case of indigestion.  I left the gym after step class to come home and take some prilosec…..but it didn’t slow me down.  I went back  to attend a Zumba class.  WOW, I didn’t realize that your body was supposed to move like that.  This class was very different from any I had taken in the past.  All in all, I liked it and will go back.

After all of that working out I decided to have lunch.

A little background: I decided to start the eat clean diet a couple of weeks ago.  The only thing I knew about the diet was that you were supposed to eat clean.  Ok great, I can do that.  A friend of mine went to the whole foods store with me to gather some ingredients and to explore the store for future trips.  I have always heard that organic foods are a great way to “eat clean and healthy”.  I was so proud of myself for making healthy choices. I bought a good bit of organic food but didn’t go crazy.  I bought some chicken pot pies and a broccoli pot pie (both organic).  So after the gym today I thought the broccoli pot pie sounded yummy.  I warmed the pie and decided to sit down and watch some TV.  I got up to get some water while my pie was cooling and thought I should bring the box back with me to read (because this is all new to me).  Boy oh boy was I surprised…..24grams of fat.  Whoa!!!!

Lesson learned today-It is a great idea to eat clean and healthy, however, reading labels still applies.  Just because the item is organic doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have FAT!  Be careful.