With all of the talk of eating clean and working out that is going around my house lately, I had to share this with you. Today, as we were sitting down to eat dinner the conversation with my youngest son, who loves to snack, went something like this:
Son: “Dad, I can tell this eating clean thing works”.
My husband: “Oh really, How is that”?
Son: “Well I have already lost weight”
My husband: “Oh yeah, you think so”?
Son: “Yes, it must be those organic cookies mom bought at the whole foods store”.

Now, just to let you know, I haven’t changed their food that much. I have been very excited about the eat clean diet, my exercise, and my new blog, so I have talked about it a lot. I did buy them some organic cookies just to try. My youngest son doesn’t eat a real variety of foods. Give him ravioli, pasta, rice, and snacks and he is ok. I am trying to get him to try different foods but by no means is he on this diet. Point-Kids do pay attention so when they say you set a positive example by practicing what you preach, they mean it…..

With that said, I received my Eat Clean Diet books today and I have already read most of the first one. I went through the cookbook and found several recipes to try. I am glad I ordered the books because I am now able to effectively fix foods for my family that are good for us!

Now it’s time for me to get my workout clothes together for tomorrow and turn up the heat. It is gonna be 30 degrees here tonight. What happened to fall?