Just as I thought I would be able to get back to blogging, my internet crashed.  Surprise!  I am hoping that we are up and running for good now.

FYI: I started the Eat Clean Diet 3 weeks ago and I have lost 6 lbs.  Yay Me!  If you have thought about starting this diet, What are you waiting for?  It is awesome.  I am going to post pics of the foods that I have been eating to show you that you can make yummy food choices and still eat clean and lose weight, if that’s your goal.  Maybe you just want to Eat Cleaner, that’s fine too.  You can do it deliciously!

A cup of fruit and cheese I bought at Whole Foods!  Yummy.  Everything in the cup is Organic.

Ingredients for my favorite salad!

My Favorite Salad!

This salad is very similar to the Apple Chicken Salad sold at Wendy’s.  I did not use the chicken because I prefer it without and I added a peach.  All of the items on that plate were organic and clean.

The next picture is what I eat when we go to Chili’s.  I know it isn’t as clean as it could be but it is better than some of the other options on the menu.  Salmon, steamed broccoli and rice.

Now for the meals I have cooked.  No, it’s not all of them and I do cook more than two meals a week.  I just didn’t take pictures of the others.  lol

Clean Marinara from the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook.  It is fabulous.  Whole wheat pasta and a wheat roll.  Oh and don’t forget the pepperoncini…..

Chicken Tortillia Soup.  One of my favorites so far.  Side story.  I decided I wanted to make this meal and realized after boiling the chicken (which was clean chicken) that I didn’t have chicken broth.  Good thing I hadn’t dumped the water yet.  I made this dish with all clean ingredients and the whole family loved it.  If you want my recipe, let me know.

The way I like it:

Well, that is a lot of information for one night.  I will let you ponder these things and I will be back tomorrow with some more pics.  I hope you enjoy and if you want any of the recipes, I will be glad to share!