I thought I would take the easy way out and make the boys some Halloween cookies (pic above) a couple of weeks ago.  These cookies came already decorated and cut out.  I was so happy about that until I thought of how much fun and bonding time it takes out of making cookies with your kids.  Not to mention the kids really didn’t care for them anyway.


No that is not white chocolate.  That is a milk chocolate crunch bar that my oldest received while trick or treating.  He was so upset when he opened this.  Can you imagine?

Ok now I am done sharing my Halloween with you guys.  On to the good stuff!


Not long after I started the eat clean diet I decided to take my kids to Wendy’s.  I figured I couldn’t eat anything there that was “clean” so I made a more healthy decision.  I opted for the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, well………………………………this is what I got…….

Not exactly tasty!

After that experience I thought it best to stick to my Eat Clean Routine and I have done excellent!  I met up with some friends today to go shopping for shoes for the Marine Corps Ball. Yay!  Of course you must have lunch with friends.  We ate at Noodles and Company.  Oh how I really wanted to order one of the cheeseburger noodle dishes!  I did not, instead I had a veggie pita and chicken noodle soup.  It was very yummy and closer to clean!

tonight’s dinner…….

Picture is a little hard to see.  This is chicken salad on a whole wheat english muffin that I toasted with a side of red grapes.  This was made with canned with water chicken that I bought at whole foods.  I apologize for the Halloween plate.  HEHE.


Well, now I have to go get everyone ready for the SNOW.  Yes, you read that correctly.  They are calling for snow tonight and into the morning.  I am not sure how this southern girl is going to handle winter here in Kansas and to think it is only fall!  We have the Marine Corps Ball this weekend and I am hoping that it isn’t as cold but if it is, I am sure glad I have myself a Marine!