I am still learning a lot about my new diet lifestyle and blogging!  I want to make this blog interesting so that people will want to tune in daily.  I assume my creativity will catch up with me soon..hopefully! 🙂

Weather update: We did not get that snow.  I guess that isn’t a bad thing, however, we were all looking forward to it.  Oh well, I am sure there will plenty of it this winter.

I am a little lost for topic tonight.  I ate the same thing for dinner today that I did last night.  I did go out to lunch with a friend today.  Don’t worry, I ordered a chicken caesar wrap and ate it without dressing.  It was pretty good.  At dinner I was looking at some cookbooks (clean eating) and although I have done well on my diet I am gonna buckle down and get to business.  I look at food a lot differently now than I did 3.5 weeks ago.

That is it for me tonight.  More tomorrow.