The Marine Corps Birthday Ball was interesting to say the least this year!  Just to let you know, the Marine Corps Ball is a big deal for us Marine Wives.  We believe in being pampered the day of, gotta look our best and have as much fun as possible without doing anything illegal….hehe.  So here it is:

For starters, my friend and I went together to get our hair, nails, and pedi done.  We made these appointments two weeks ago.  I had pictures downloaded to my iPhone of the hairstyles we wanted.  The girl who took care of my friend had something else to do at 1:15pm .  Keep in my mind our appointments were for 12!  Her hair, nails, and pedi were done in 1hr15min.  Yep!  Now, you know it takes a lot longer to get all of those things done.  Needless to say her nails weren’t filed properly, french manicure wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen, and they put black bobby pins in her very blonde hair.  Not even kidding!!!!!

Now, my girl had to trim toenails but did she have to pull them out of my toes?  OuCH!  She didn’t even file a couple of them.  My fingernails, well she didn’t do the cuticle, she didn’t buff them and my french manicure is horrible.  Oh and the fingernail polish I had on them, well some of it still accents the french manicure…REALLY!  I also learned a lot about her personal lifestyle.  Now I am all about talking and being friendly but when you leave a salon stressed out about your stylists life,,,something is wrong.  My hair wasn’t too bad but it really wasn’t great.  I could not believe the service we received.  Unacceptable!!

Well fast forward and now we are at the ball.  My husband and I find our table, I put my things down (like I do at every ball for the last 14 years).  We mix and mingle with friends, get some drinks and have a great time.  The ceremony was great, dinner wasn’t horrible, the DJ was……he was ok.  My husband decided to go outside with other Marines and have some cigars and conversation.  As usual I hit the dance floor.  Patiently awaiting the electric slide.  After about 30 min of no electric slide, I decided that I should prolly go potty….lol.  I come back to our table and guess what……………..NO PURSE!  My purse, $60 in cash, Military ID, Drivers license, and……you guessed it….MY IPHONE4……GONE!  Can you believe someone would steal at a formal event?  At the moment I was thinking maybe my purse got misplaced or kicked around the floor and I would find it once the lights came on.NOPE!  Once we got home from the after party, I looked up my credit card and sure enough, it had been used 5 times.  I contacted my cell company and found out that two text messages had been sent.  I really hope that whoever took my things will get caught.  That is just pathetic!

Positive note:  Eating clean wasn’t too hard.  The menu was pretty good!

Green Salad, pecan encrusted chicken breast with roasted red potatoes and rolls.  Followed by a piece of birthday cake.  Yes I did eat the cake….. 🙂

My eating wasn’t horrible but I did have a few amaretto sours and I am not even gonna try to figure out how unclean those were.

Well enough of my pity party.  Tomorrow is a new day!