Wow! I am still not finished decorating.  I must be crazy but this is my favorite time of year.  Maybe on day my husband will retire from the Marine Corps and build me a Christmas house….lol


Monday I started back to the gym after a nice long holiday break.  Let me tell you, body step kicked my booty!  It might sound crazy but it was nice to get back in there.  I made my favorite Chicken Tortilla Soup on Monday.

Tuesday was a day to run.  Yep RUN!  My friend and I were training for a 5k called the Rudolph Run that was to take place this weekend.  It got CANCELLED!  What? Oh well, maybe it’s a sign that I need more training….I am going with that because it is really cold here and the run was, of course, outside.  My run time is a little slower than I would like but it will improve.

Today was body step again.  The instructor made us add risers 😉  It wasn’t too bad.  Tonights dinner for me was tuna salad with Lima Beans.  Now I know that sounds like it doesn’t go together and it really doesn’t, but I wanted Lima Beans and I couldn’t eat just that for dinner.

Also, my friend introduced me to one of the best protein shakes I have ever tasted.  It’s called Muscle Milk Light/Banana Cream.  I mix it with fresh banana, ice, and skim milk.  If I have frozen banana’s, I use those then I don’t have to use the ice.  Either way, it tastes like banana cream pie…………….YUM!  The strawberry is also really good but banana is my favorite.

Well that is it for me tonight.  I hope to get some pics on here for you guys soon.  I am still figuring out this blog site.