Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like you just cannot wake up?  Well, that is how my day started.  I got out of bed and as I was drinking my coffee I was thinking, am I awake or am I dreaming?  It was a rough start.  But have no fear, my eyelids finally caught up with the rest of me.  I was able to get to they gym and have a wonderful workout in step class today.  I wonder if my hubby needs to make stronger coffee….lol

Tonight for dinner I made baked salmon, boiled sweet potatoes and green peas.  Yummy meal and pretty clean.  However, I did sneak a piece of garlic bread. 🙂

On another not, I cannot believe that LSU is doing so poorly tonight.  I mean, you don’t get to this level playing like this.  There is still plenty of time for them to win this game and I surely hope they do.  I mean, come on!  Well, I am proud of them anyway becuase it is quite an accompolishment to make it this far.

Well I guess that is it for me tonight.  I am going to finish watching this game and do some more chores.  Have a great night.