Today was my first day back to body pump and all I want to say is OUCH!  It was intense but oh so worth it.  If you are interested in doing some weight lifting in a controlled setting, I highly recommend this class.  Just go to and search for a class in your area.  You will not be disappointed.  You may be sore but not disappointed.  You can also search for the Body Step class.  That is my favorite!

Tonights dinner was awesome.  I made eggplant parmesan with the clean marinara sauce from The Eat Clean Diet.  Very yummy.  If you are interested in this recipe, let me know.  I will share. 🙂

I have recently become aware of a website to help organize your meals weekly.  I am signing up tonight and I will let you in on it as soon as I get more information.

That is all for me tonight.  Gotta get in the bed so I can be well rested for step tomorrow.

Goodnight ALL