Tonight we went to my sons High School Basketball Game.  They were playing a team that they have already beat.   They didn’t get so lucky this time.  They played a great game but just couldn’t get a win.  I was very upset with the coach of the other team.  One of the boys on that team, apparently made a mistake.  From where I was sitting I didn’t see that he had done anything wrong.  The coach calls him to the bench and just lays into him.  The boy turned 10 shades of red.  He was like “what did I do”? He didn’t say that to coach, of course but he was embarrassed.  I felt so bad for him.  I understand at this age it is important to teach these guys how to play and how to be competitive but geesh.  I was on the complete opposite side of the gym and could hear the coach.   In my opinion, don’t make them feel bad.  Just discuss what he did wrong (if anything) and hope he learns from it.  But I digress……………..

Today was kind of a rest day.  Apparently I am in worse shape than I thought 🙂 I took the day off from exercise today as I am still in pain from my work out on Tuesday evening.  I know that’s part of it but I have to be able to step tomorrow.  So with that, my goal for next week is to attend all 3 days of body step and 2 days of body pump….wish me luck!  Oh and the snow and gloomy weather did not help me find my motivation either.  I will say this, the snow was beautiful!  My kids were out playing in it after 9pm.  They love it so much.  My youngest wanted to play in it again this evening but it is 19 degrees out there. :p  I will let him play in the snow tomorrow so that he doesn’t miss it too much once it is gone 🙂

As for eating clean, it can be delicious.  The other night my oldest son says “why do we always have to eat clean”?  After 3 nights of making helping them make better, healthier choices, I treated them to hamburgers and french fries! They were so happy.  I ate left over eggplant and it was still delicious!  Tonight, I made meatloaf, frozen french cut green beans, mashed potatoes (made with clean butter and fat-free milk).  I also toasted some bread in the oven for them.  They gave outstanding reviews: “oh man this is good’;’ wow, mom this meatloaf is great’, amongst other great compliments.  I let them have their moment and then I said “see, eating clean isn’t so bad after all”.  Everything you just ate was clean, except the toast.  You should have seen their faces……:) I love these people!

Tomorrow is Friday!  Do you have plans for the weekend?

Have a great evening!