My weekend has been kind of slow.  I am still in complete shock that the Saints lost on Saturday!  I was so happy for my boys until the 49ers had to make that last touchdown.  I was literally sick to my stomach.  It is ok though, I know the next season will be a great one.  No matter what, I love me some Saints!!!!!!!

As for my Monday.  Well I totally missed my work out this morning.  I think it was “sabotage by husband” lol.  My husband had some school work to do therefore he didn’t come to bed until after 2am.  I was counting on him to wake me up.  Oh he woke me up, at 7:47am to be at the gym for 8:15am.  Yeah, not so much.  But at least I kind of sorta stayed on my eat clean plan.  The only thing I ate that was not really good for you was the marshmallow fluff and ritz crackers.  But they were oh so good.

Tonight, my blog will have pictures…………….yay!

For breakfast:

I know it’s not really “clean” but it sure beats the alternative and it was oh so yummy!  I cannot wait to try a different flavor.  I also used Fat Free Skim Milk.  I am also thinking about putting some slivered almonds in it next time.

For dinner:

You do not see that bread 🙂  Baked salmon with lemon juice and basil.  Veggies: Portabello Mushrooms, zuchinni, and onion with lemon juice, basil, and garlic sea salt smothered in a skillet with EVOO!

All in all, my weekend of eating wasn’t too bad.  Now, tomorrow off to body pump.  Don’t forget to check out www. and watch the trailers they have for their programs!

Have a great night!