When we moved here in June, everyone said make sure you buy snow shovels, snow pants, snow gloves, ice melt for the driveway and so on and so forth.  Well guess what, NO SNOW!  I’m sorry we did have a teeny tiny bit of snow but nothing that I needed a shovel for.  According to what people told us, I am still waiting for this massive amount of snow.  My hubby says no way.  However, if it snows like that I get to stay at home and be lazy.  It isn’t often that you get a good excuse to be lazy.  🙂


Today was actually one of those lazy days for me.  I skipped the gym today 😦 I know, how horrible of me.  I was just tired.  Between this head cold I have been trying to come down with and going to bed at 1:30 in the morning, I just couldn’t function.  Therefore, I ran my errands and took a nap.  I really hate to miss my work out though.  So, I am adding to my 2012 resolutions goals.  GO TO BED EARLIER!

My breakfast today was a Special K granola bar….it was pretty good.  Lunch was at Charleys Subs….don’t worry I ate a veggie sub and only half of the bread.  However I did eat all of my fries….so yummy.  For dinner, I guess you could say it was a taco salad.  Lettuce, tomato, vegetarian refried beans with sour cream (light), and a little taco sauce.  Served with Clean tortilla chips bought at Whole Foods.

So my husband decides to tell me tonight that we were invited to a Ball for the Army.  This comes after I skipped the gym today, lol.  What does this mean?  It means that I cannot miss the gym anymore.  I have at least 10 more pounds to lose before this event in March.  Being a Marines wife, I have to look my absolute best 🙂  I am very excited about this because 1) I have never been to an Army Ball and 2) Motivation to not be lazy. lol .  The Race Is On!

Well have a great night everyone.  I look forward to reading your blogs.