Yay for the weekend!  This weekend is going to be busy.  First, I am going to go through my pantry and take out all of the food that we are not going to eat.  This comes about because I find myself going in there everynight to find something to cook for dinner.  I move boxes and cans and packages that I do not want to cook because it is neither clean nor healthy!  So, this weekend I have decided to purge it and fill it with clean, healthy foods.  I will be shopping for my menu from www.e-mealz.com  I am going to be donating this food to someone that can use it.  :)I am also hoping to make it to the gym.  There are no classes for me to attend in group fitness, so I guess I will just run.  That isn’t such a bad idea.  There should be a 5k in the spring and I need to gear up for that.  Next, Saturday night out with friends and family.  Should be fun.  Last, Church on Sunday and then hopefully a nap afterwards.  I love going to Church with the family on Sunday and then coming home to a nap.

Todays eating was ok.  For breakfast, Special K vanilla bar. Lunch, Jasons Deli.  If you haven’t been there you should try it, if there is one near you.  I had a veggie mufalatta (sp?).  It was so yummy.  These things are huge.  I ordered 1/4 sandwich and a small cup of gumbo.  That was enough food for two meals.  Therefore, I had the other half for dinner.  Side Story: The menu said “Cajun Gumbo”.  I asked the girl if the Gumbo was good.  She tells me that it is like New Orleans Style Gumbo.  Ok, I tell her I am from Louisiana and it is really hard to find that type of Gumbo anywhere else.  Come to find out she has never had “Louisiana” Gumbo.  LOL!  Sweet girl, but she really needs to have some of “OUR” gumbo.  The Gumbo was good by the way.

Do you have big plans for the weekend?  Will you stay on track with eating and exercising over the weekend?

🙂 Whatever you plan, have a great weekend!!!!!