I know it’s really no surprise to have a bad Monday but come on.  I woke up this morning feeling really badly.  Sinus and allergy problems are no fun.  It really makes for an ineffective day.  Therefore, no Body Step for me today 😦 and seeing how I do not feel 100%, there will probably be no gym for me tomorrow either 😦  I really hate this because it makes me feel so lazy.  There once was a time when I would welcome the opportunity find any excuse not to go to the gym.  Since I started cleaning up my eating habits and making the gym a priority, I really hate to miss.  I schedule everything around it.  But that’s ok.  I guess it’s better to get myself well so that I do not over exert and end up in worse shape.

With that said, my oldest had a basketball game at 7pm.  Weird time but it is a tournament.  These games normally do not have concession because they aren’t long enough.  Well, tonight this school had popcorn.  I smelled it as I sat down.  Yes, yes I did indulge.  I had popcorn and soda and starburst and skittles and that’s it.  Now, I didn’t have all of those by myself.  We shared them between 4 of us and 2 of those being children.  It was just something I was wanting. 🙂

I am cutting it short tonight because I had to take benadryl and I cannot be held responsible for I type under the influence…..lol

Have a great night!!!!!!