I had to be very careful with the name of this blog post.  I was thinking about “Going Down”, “Happily Down”, and “Down in a happy way”!  Bottom line heIre, there is no right way to put that depending on who may see this blog, if you get what I mean…..lol.  Truth is, I am down 3 more lbs! YAY!  That is such an awesome feeling especially seeing how I haven’t been able to complete one full week in the gym for whatever reason.  I will do better next week for sure.  It is really motivating when you see results.

I am hoping not to take up too much of your time but I have two nights of menu to report.  Last night I did not post  because I did not feel well.  I had been to the doctor.  Oh doctors!! I am glad we have them, but sometimes they make you think harder than you should about some things. For instance, she told me that Kansas hasn’t had a hard enough freeze for long enough to kill the mold spores…………….Say What?  Guess I can probably safely say they may be the problem with my allergies..Ya Think!?  I am stuffy 24 hours a day.  Wanna bet these old houses have mold spores?  Oh well as long as I do not get any worse, I only have to live here for 4 more months…..Not sure if that is good or bad! :p

On with the post…………..

I did in fact make it to step class yesterday.  It felt so nice to be back.  For breakfast, banana.  Lunch, I had a salad with tomato, and cucumber oh and some clean tortilla chips I bought from Whole Foods.  For dinner, I used my e-mealz menu and made turkey burgers. (Pic below)  Now, I have to say, these were very different.  They were not made with bread crumbs.  Instead they were made with old fashioned oats.  I was very impressed and so was the rest of the family.  Even the 9 year old.  Served with Chips and Cantaloupe!  Did you know that plain Lays potato chips are mostly clean?

For today.  Well, today I totally broke the rules.  I had 2 pieces of whole wheat toast.  For lunch and snack………wait for it……………wait for it……………ok now that you are wondering, I had popcorn, diet coke, and milk duds! EEEK.  Side story-Me and 2 of my Marine Wife friends decided that we wanted to go see a movie.  And so we did just that.  What is a movie without popcorn, what is popcorn without carbonation, and well, the  milk duds were just icing on the cake. LOL .  Don’t worry, I balanced it all out with dinner 🙂  Again, I used my e-mealz menu.  Tonights dinner, Grilled Cheese with Jalepenos! (pic below)  These were made with cream cheese, mayo, Monterey jack, and jalepeno slices on Wheatberry bread made by Earth Grains.  Mostly clean.  It was delicious.  My family didn’t partake so they had BLT’s.  I served grapes and pita chips with this meal!

By the way, we saw the movie Joyful Noise!  It was so good. 🙂  I totally recommend you see it too.  I would actually watch it again.  It was nice to see a movie in the middle of the day.

Now, I get to go eat some fruit…lol.  No really, I have to get my things together for step class tomorrow.  We are having Chicken and CousCous tomorrow night and I cannot wait.

Have a great night!