I am very excited about the weekend being here.   However, it is going to be a busy one.  At 9am tomorrow morning my oldest has a basketball game.  Then, we are going to the WWI Museum with some friends and the middle son has to babysit.  I will be one tired person tomorrow.  Sunday it’s off to church for 11am and then on to Kansas City again for an RV Show.  I am looking forward to both days but I really like to look at RV’s.   My husband and I bought our first RV  last April.  We LOVE IT and so do the kids.  Some of them are sooooo nice.  Being a military wife, it is more practical to look and dream in the RV market than in the housing market.  Mainly because the RV can go with you anywhere you go.  With a house, you have to wait until you are closer to retirement to do much dreaming.  But I will take it…..:)

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Do you have a busy or relaxing weekend?


By the way, there will be a short post from me after I cook dinner.  Just to let you know how the Chicken and CousCous works out…..

Until then…………….