Yes! Tonight I made hamburgers and homemade french fries.  The family was excited.  That is the most unclean meal I have cooked in months.  I was pretty surprised by it myself.  I only ate half of a burger and I served them on clean buns.  As the burgers were cooking, I commented to my husband how much differently they smell from what I usually cook.  They were Bubba Burgers and they smelled horrible while cooking.  They were good but you could tell a big difference in the meat from what I normally buy.  The family has been so supportive in the journey of clean eating, I figured I would let them cheat tonight.  I am not so sure I will be doing that again…..Ok, maybe I will.  I also made them strawberry milkshakes for dessert.  They weren’t all bad…..but, my sweet tooth needed to be tamed and the milkshake hit the spot.  I made them with fat free skim milk, a couple of shakes of my protein powder, fresh strawberries, and of course, Bryers Vanilla Ice Cream………….Ahhhhh, Yum!

As for the gym, it is looking like I might get my 5 days this week.  I am totally stoked about this.  I also started running agian on Monday.  You know, Spring is near and there will be a ton of 5k runs for me to participate in.  I may as well jump start my training now.  I can tell you this, I am sore.  I feel like a 90 year old woman after sitting for long periods.  As long as I stay active throughout the day, I don’t have a problem.  But don’t let me sit down for long….creek, crack, pop………! 🙂

Well I guess that is it for me tonight.  I have to go get ready for tomorrow.  Have a great night!