Gonna get Crazy Fast! Thursday, Mar 15 2012 

Yes, I mean that.  Life is about to get a little crazy.  We will be house hunting in Tampa next week!  I would like to think I am ready, but who is ever ready to house hunt?  In and out houses.  Some empty and some not.  It will be exciting because these houses are beautiful.  It will be mind racking because these houses are beautiful.  How am I supposed to choose only one?  That is the hard part.  Not only that, but we only have ONE week to find somewhere to live.  We will be moving to Tampa in July.  Too bad I don’t have that long to hunt 🙂  Of course, that is probably a good thing.  I am not good at making choices like this.  Oh well, I feel confident that we will find the right house for our family!

With all of that said, I will more than likely be absent from the blog world until after the house hunting.  I will try to post anything exciting though.

As for the clean eating, well let’s just say it has been a little diverted.  The good news, I have not gained any weight.  I have acutally lost 23 pounds since I started my diet and exercise routines.  Yay!  Also, one of my fellow bloggers is doing an excellent job on the C25K program.  He has given me the motivation to start it back up.  I will be adding the program to the current exercise I do.  I still love my step and pump classes, I will not be giving those up. 🙂

Well have a great couple of weeks everyone.  I will be back shortly and hopefully with good news and pics on a house!  Wish me luck 🙂


And I’m back…. Tuesday, Feb 7 2012 

Wow what a week last week!  I did not reach my goal to be in the gym for 5 straight days.  However, I did two hours on Tuesday so I am going to count that as extra…..lol.  Don’t judge me 🙂

Thursday, I had to make a trip to whole foods, which takes a full day.  Friday, I had parent teacher conferences.  Those weren’t as exciting 🙂

I am happy to report that I didn’t falter too much on my clean eating.  Well until the SuperBowl.  I am sure that is no surprise and I am not the only one.  We had shrimp cocktail, swedish meatballs, asian noodle salad, homemade turtles, cake, and all kinds of chips.  I find it hard to watch the SuperBowl without a bag of Cheese Doritos.  YUM!

I have to be honest, I didn’t really watch the game until the last quarter.  It was kind of boring.  The commercials weren’t great either. Madonna did a fabulous job.  I was extremely shocked, yet impressed.   I was rooting for the Giants so I am glad they won.  Next year, WHO DAT, BABY!

Well, that is all for me tonight.  I am going to attempt to get in the bed a little earlier tonight.  I will be sharing more food pics this week from my e-mealz plan.

What was your favorite commercial during the SuperBowl?


Easy, Clean, and Yummy Dinner Wednesday, Jan 25 2012 

Remember a couple of weeks ago I told you that I had joined www.e-mealz.com?  Well, tonight I made my first meal from their plan.  It was DELICIOUS!  Even the hubby and the kids liked it.  I was able to get my shopping done today for two weeks worth of menus.  I was pleasantly surprised when the cashier told me my total.  I bought several items (staples) outside of the menu that my family needed.  Are you ready for this?  I spent under $200.  Yep, that’s right.  If I keep this up, that means my grocery bill for a family of 5 for a month should come in under $500!  You cannot beat that.  Not to mention, the meal was extremely easy to make.  I signed up for the natural and organic menu, therefore, I bought as many “clean” ingredients as I could and that was most of them…….There were a couple of things I wasn’t able to get but that just means I get a trip to Whole Foods….Yay! 🙂

These are Shredded Pork Tacos.  I apologize for the picture being a little out of focus.

Here we have:

Shredded Pork Tenderloin (seasoned with cumin, pepper, salt, coriander, chili powder)

Sour Cream

Roasted Corn with bell peppers and jalapenos

Served on a Flour tortilla (not so clean 😦 and topped with pepper jack cheese Kinda clean)

This dish was awesome.  The Roasted corn mixture was supposed to be served on the side but as you can see, I wanted it in my taco…..lol

If you get the chance to get over to www.e-mealz.com to check it out, I say it is totally worth it.  Especially if you are a busy person.  I know I am…..


As for the gym today, I was still feeling kinda under the weather so I took off.  But have no fear, I am all in tomorrow.  I cannot wait to get back.  It stinks not getting my work out in.

Well have a great night!

It’s Finally Friday! Saturday, Jan 21 2012 

Yay for the weekend!  This weekend is going to be busy.  First, I am going to go through my pantry and take out all of the food that we are not going to eat.  This comes about because I find myself going in there everynight to find something to cook for dinner.  I move boxes and cans and packages that I do not want to cook because it is neither clean nor healthy!  So, this weekend I have decided to purge it and fill it with clean, healthy foods.  I will be shopping for my menu from www.e-mealz.com  I am going to be donating this food to someone that can use it.  :)I am also hoping to make it to the gym.  There are no classes for me to attend in group fitness, so I guess I will just run.  That isn’t such a bad idea.  There should be a 5k in the spring and I need to gear up for that.  Next, Saturday night out with friends and family.  Should be fun.  Last, Church on Sunday and then hopefully a nap afterwards.  I love going to Church with the family on Sunday and then coming home to a nap.

Todays eating was ok.  For breakfast, Special K vanilla bar. Lunch, Jasons Deli.  If you haven’t been there you should try it, if there is one near you.  I had a veggie mufalatta (sp?).  It was so yummy.  These things are huge.  I ordered 1/4 sandwich and a small cup of gumbo.  That was enough food for two meals.  Therefore, I had the other half for dinner.  Side Story: The menu said “Cajun Gumbo”.  I asked the girl if the Gumbo was good.  She tells me that it is like New Orleans Style Gumbo.  Ok, I tell her I am from Louisiana and it is really hard to find that type of Gumbo anywhere else.  Come to find out she has never had “Louisiana” Gumbo.  LOL!  Sweet girl, but she really needs to have some of “OUR” gumbo.  The Gumbo was good by the way.

Do you have big plans for the weekend?  Will you stay on track with eating and exercising over the weekend?

🙂 Whatever you plan, have a great weekend!!!!!

Where or where is the snow? Friday, Jan 20 2012 

When we moved here in June, everyone said make sure you buy snow shovels, snow pants, snow gloves, ice melt for the driveway and so on and so forth.  Well guess what, NO SNOW!  I’m sorry we did have a teeny tiny bit of snow but nothing that I needed a shovel for.  According to what people told us, I am still waiting for this massive amount of snow.  My hubby says no way.  However, if it snows like that I get to stay at home and be lazy.  It isn’t often that you get a good excuse to be lazy.  🙂


Today was actually one of those lazy days for me.  I skipped the gym today 😦 I know, how horrible of me.  I was just tired.  Between this head cold I have been trying to come down with and going to bed at 1:30 in the morning, I just couldn’t function.  Therefore, I ran my errands and took a nap.  I really hate to miss my work out though.  So, I am adding to my 2012 resolutions goals.  GO TO BED EARLIER!

My breakfast today was a Special K granola bar….it was pretty good.  Lunch was at Charleys Subs….don’t worry I ate a veggie sub and only half of the bread.  However I did eat all of my fries….so yummy.  For dinner, I guess you could say it was a taco salad.  Lettuce, tomato, vegetarian refried beans with sour cream (light), and a little taco sauce.  Served with Clean tortilla chips bought at Whole Foods.

So my husband decides to tell me tonight that we were invited to a Ball for the Army.  This comes after I skipped the gym today, lol.  What does this mean?  It means that I cannot miss the gym anymore.  I have at least 10 more pounds to lose before this event in March.  Being a Marines wife, I have to look my absolute best 🙂  I am very excited about this because 1) I have never been to an Army Ball and 2) Motivation to not be lazy. lol .  The Race Is On!

Well have a great night everyone.  I look forward to reading your blogs.

Some People! Friday, Jan 13 2012 

Tonight we went to my sons High School Basketball Game.  They were playing a team that they have already beat.   They didn’t get so lucky this time.  They played a great game but just couldn’t get a win.  I was very upset with the coach of the other team.  One of the boys on that team, apparently made a mistake.  From where I was sitting I didn’t see that he had done anything wrong.  The coach calls him to the bench and just lays into him.  The boy turned 10 shades of red.  He was like “what did I do”? He didn’t say that to coach, of course but he was embarrassed.  I felt so bad for him.  I understand at this age it is important to teach these guys how to play and how to be competitive but geesh.  I was on the complete opposite side of the gym and could hear the coach.   In my opinion, don’t make them feel bad.  Just discuss what he did wrong (if anything) and hope he learns from it.  But I digress……………..

Today was kind of a rest day.  Apparently I am in worse shape than I thought 🙂 I took the day off from exercise today as I am still in pain from my work out on Tuesday evening.  I know that’s part of it but I have to be able to step tomorrow.  So with that, my goal for next week is to attend all 3 days of body step and 2 days of body pump….wish me luck!  Oh and the snow and gloomy weather did not help me find my motivation either.  I will say this, the snow was beautiful!  My kids were out playing in it after 9pm.  They love it so much.  My youngest wanted to play in it again this evening but it is 19 degrees out there. :p  I will let him play in the snow tomorrow so that he doesn’t miss it too much once it is gone 🙂

As for eating clean, it can be delicious.  The other night my oldest son says “why do we always have to eat clean”?  After 3 nights of making helping them make better, healthier choices, I treated them to hamburgers and french fries! They were so happy.  I ate left over eggplant and it was still delicious!  Tonight, I made meatloaf, frozen french cut green beans, mashed potatoes (made with clean butter and fat-free milk).  I also toasted some bread in the oven for them.  They gave outstanding reviews: “oh man this is good’;’ wow, mom this meatloaf is great’, amongst other great compliments.  I let them have their moment and then I said “see, eating clean isn’t so bad after all”.  Everything you just ate was clean, except the toast.  You should have seen their faces……:) I love these people!

Tomorrow is Friday!  Do you have plans for the weekend?

Have a great evening!


Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! Wednesday, Jan 11 2012 

Today was my first day back to body pump and all I want to say is OUCH!  It was intense but oh so worth it.  If you are interested in doing some weight lifting in a controlled setting, I highly recommend this class.  Just go to www.lesmills.com and search for a class in your area.  You will not be disappointed.  You may be sore but not disappointed.  You can also search for the Body Step class.  That is my favorite!

Tonights dinner was awesome.  I made eggplant parmesan with the clean marinara sauce from The Eat Clean Diet.  Very yummy.  If you are interested in this recipe, let me know.  I will share. 🙂

I have recently become aware of a website to help organize your meals weekly.  I am signing up tonight and I will let you in on it as soon as I get more information.

That is all for me tonight.  Gotta get in the bed so I can be well rested for step tomorrow.

Goodnight ALL


Off To A Great Start! Monday, Jan 9 2012 

Well even though it was a short week, it was successful.  I got in two days of intense body step.  Grocery shopped at Whole Foods and got some great items.  I was able to keep it clean over the weekend as well.  I am so excited about continuing on my eat clean track to lose weight.  You know summer is coming and I have to be able to wear those shorts in my closet.  I am hoping that they are too big so that I can buy new ones.  🙂

In the weeks to come, I will be posting pictures and hopefully a healthy dose of daily inspiration for you all.  So stay tuned!

Right now, I am off to finish up some housework and get my things gathered for step class tomorrow.

Have a great night 🙂

And We’re off! Friday, Jan 6 2012 

Yes!  I went to whole foods today and got all kinds of goodies.  Even my hubby is excited to get back on the Eat Clean track!  Exercise yesterday, eating healthy today and what a great way to start the new year!  I am pumped!

My shopping list included: pomegranate, turnips, eggplant, fruit, more veggies, clean cheese, and so on an so forth.  I also got the ingredients to make slow cooker oatmeal.  I cannot wait to try this.  I am about to go put it all together and let it start cooking.  I will let you all know how it turns out.

Now, for goals.  One of my goals for this year is to get my house organized before I move in June.  I would love to continue procrastinating but that is not doing anything for me.  Tomorrow is the day.  I am starting in the kitchen.  If you do not hear from me in the next two days, you may want to call a search party…..lol…

So, I am reading this article last night about getting organized and the first thing it says is to de clutter…What?! My first question was, why can’t I just organize the clutter?  Yeah, not a good idea……so I am off to step in the morning and then to organizing.  Wish me luck!

Well happy healthy eating to all you.

What a week! Saturday, Dec 3 2011 

This has been one heck of a week.  I am not so sure that I am ready for the weekend.  Not to mention I only have two weeks to get everything done to prepare to go to Lousiana for Christmas but before that we are doing our Christmas here in Kansas.  This means that I have to coordinate with Santa to make sure he knows which house to come to.  Otherwise, I may have some very disappointed kids on Christmas day.  It is going to be alot of work but it will be great to spend Christmas with family down south this year.  We haven’t been home for Christmas since 2001!!!  Should be exciting!!

As for my week in work out and eating clean……. big fat :p  Didn’t do so well this week.  Mainly because I haven’t been able to eat.   I think it is sinus but I hope I am not coming down with something. When I did eat, I ate somewhat clean.  So I guess that’s not too bad. I did work out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I just could not get there Thursday and Friday.  I am hoping next week will be better.  Maybe I just needed a break.

Speaking of eating clean…..today my husband came home early and I was volunteering at the Exchange to wrap presents so I wasn’t here.  I called him and asked him to thaw out some ground meat so that I could make chili.  He did just that, only problem, he didn’t take out the clean ground beef…..So, do I put the ground meat back and take out mine while risking him never wanting to help again or do I just go with it?  You got it, I went with it….. 🙂 I cooked up some homemade chili and everyone is happy now…..lol

I also found a natural, clean snack the other day that I am very excited to share with you.  I will be posting a picture later this weekend.

I am done here for the night.  Make sure you check back………

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