:( Monday, May 21 2012 

So, apparently I wasn’t prepared to get back into the blogging world like I thought.  It has been a crazy couple of months.  And it is only going to get crazier.  Good news:  we found a house.  Yep, it is great.  It is almost 3000 sqft and has a pool.  I was able to get the kids in the school district I wanted to.  A big plus all the way around.

As for diet and exercise….well that is going so, so.  Right now, I am working on being able to complete a 5k with a walk run combination in under 40 min and then on to finishing the 5k with a run at 30 minutes.  I am sure I will be able to complete this before too long.  I am also still attending my step classes.  My clean eating has not been going too good.  I have really gotten off track.  I am hoping to get back soon.  As you all know, it is so much easier to just open a box or a can and call it a meal…..I hate doing that.  But I have good news on that too.  Remember me telling you about emeals.com?  Well they have now added a new option to choose from…..it’s called clean eating…..I am very excited.

Well, that is all from me tonight.  I have to get the kiddos ready for their last week of school.  I hope to be with you all again this week.



Gonna get Crazy Fast! Thursday, Mar 15 2012 

Yes, I mean that.  Life is about to get a little crazy.  We will be house hunting in Tampa next week!  I would like to think I am ready, but who is ever ready to house hunt?  In and out houses.  Some empty and some not.  It will be exciting because these houses are beautiful.  It will be mind racking because these houses are beautiful.  How am I supposed to choose only one?  That is the hard part.  Not only that, but we only have ONE week to find somewhere to live.  We will be moving to Tampa in July.  Too bad I don’t have that long to hunt 🙂  Of course, that is probably a good thing.  I am not good at making choices like this.  Oh well, I feel confident that we will find the right house for our family!

With all of that said, I will more than likely be absent from the blog world until after the house hunting.  I will try to post anything exciting though.

As for the clean eating, well let’s just say it has been a little diverted.  The good news, I have not gained any weight.  I have acutally lost 23 pounds since I started my diet and exercise routines.  Yay!  Also, one of my fellow bloggers is doing an excellent job on the C25K program.  He has given me the motivation to start it back up.  I will be adding the program to the current exercise I do.  I still love my step and pump classes, I will not be giving those up. 🙂

Well have a great couple of weeks everyone.  I will be back shortly and hopefully with good news and pics on a house!  Wish me luck 🙂

It’s Finally Friday! Saturday, Jan 21 2012 

Yay for the weekend!  This weekend is going to be busy.  First, I am going to go through my pantry and take out all of the food that we are not going to eat.  This comes about because I find myself going in there everynight to find something to cook for dinner.  I move boxes and cans and packages that I do not want to cook because it is neither clean nor healthy!  So, this weekend I have decided to purge it and fill it with clean, healthy foods.  I will be shopping for my menu from www.e-mealz.com  I am going to be donating this food to someone that can use it.  :)I am also hoping to make it to the gym.  There are no classes for me to attend in group fitness, so I guess I will just run.  That isn’t such a bad idea.  There should be a 5k in the spring and I need to gear up for that.  Next, Saturday night out with friends and family.  Should be fun.  Last, Church on Sunday and then hopefully a nap afterwards.  I love going to Church with the family on Sunday and then coming home to a nap.

Todays eating was ok.  For breakfast, Special K vanilla bar. Lunch, Jasons Deli.  If you haven’t been there you should try it, if there is one near you.  I had a veggie mufalatta (sp?).  It was so yummy.  These things are huge.  I ordered 1/4 sandwich and a small cup of gumbo.  That was enough food for two meals.  Therefore, I had the other half for dinner.  Side Story: The menu said “Cajun Gumbo”.  I asked the girl if the Gumbo was good.  She tells me that it is like New Orleans Style Gumbo.  Ok, I tell her I am from Louisiana and it is really hard to find that type of Gumbo anywhere else.  Come to find out she has never had “Louisiana” Gumbo.  LOL!  Sweet girl, but she really needs to have some of “OUR” gumbo.  The Gumbo was good by the way.

Do you have big plans for the weekend?  Will you stay on track with eating and exercising over the weekend?

🙂 Whatever you plan, have a great weekend!!!!!

What a Weekend! Tuesday, Jan 17 2012 

My weekend has been kind of slow.  I am still in complete shock that the Saints lost on Saturday!  I was so happy for my boys until the 49ers had to make that last touchdown.  I was literally sick to my stomach.  It is ok though, I know the next season will be a great one.  No matter what, I love me some Saints!!!!!!!

As for my Monday.  Well I totally missed my work out this morning.  I think it was “sabotage by husband” lol.  My husband had some school work to do therefore he didn’t come to bed until after 2am.  I was counting on him to wake me up.  Oh he woke me up, at 7:47am to be at the gym for 8:15am.  Yeah, not so much.  But at least I kind of sorta stayed on my eat clean plan.  The only thing I ate that was not really good for you was the marshmallow fluff and ritz crackers.  But they were oh so good.

Tonight, my blog will have pictures…………….yay!

For breakfast:

I know it’s not really “clean” but it sure beats the alternative and it was oh so yummy!  I cannot wait to try a different flavor.  I also used Fat Free Skim Milk.  I am also thinking about putting some slivered almonds in it next time.

For dinner:

You do not see that bread 🙂  Baked salmon with lemon juice and basil.  Veggies: Portabello Mushrooms, zuchinni, and onion with lemon juice, basil, and garlic sea salt smothered in a skillet with EVOO!

All in all, my weekend of eating wasn’t too bad.  Now, tomorrow off to body pump.  Don’t forget to check out www. lesmills.com and watch the trailers they have for their programs!

Have a great night!