It seems like I have been gone forever!  I know it has been a long time.  I have managed to get sidetracked on my clean eating, exercising, and etc…..Shame on me.  But do not fear, I am on it Monday!  Yep, I feel so sluggish and have very little energy lately.  I know it is from not eating and exercising properly.  That all changes next week.  I have actually been inspired by a fellow blogger and follower of mine, to start the C25K program again.  I am excited about this.


When I left you all, I was going to Tampa to house hunt.  Well, I came up empty handed 😦  I am still on the search for a place to live.  It has been a stressful few weeks.  I know something will come along 🙂


I am not going to keep you all tonight.  I have to get ready for the gym tomorrow.  Step class, YAY!

You probably will not hear from me again until next Monday.  I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Blogging