I’m Back! Sunday, Oct 30 2011 

Hello there blog world. I have missed you! I am back online and ready to share a few days from last week with you. I will be back later tonight to catch you up on my week. Stay Tuned!


Off for a day Wednesday, Oct 26 2011 

Having some technical difficulties. No post today. I should be back up tomorrow! Sorry:(

The Weekend Monday, Oct 24 2011 

Well I haven’t posted this weekend and I don’t have a whole lot to post tonight.

This weekend was pretty good.  We had a Marine function Friday night at a Pub!  Yes, I took my kids to their first bar.  Didn’t know it was a Sports Pub!  I did good with my eating clean all Day and killed it that night.  Well not too bad.  But I should have chosen a salad instead. Oh well, got back on track yesterday.  I got up at 0715 to be at body pump for 0815.  I had an egglans best egg on a whole grain english muffin for breakfast.  YUM!  and last night for dinner I baked chicken that I bought at Whole Foods.  Mine was stuffed with spinach and feta and my husbands was stuffed with cajun wild rice.  Yummo.  I also made some steamed broccoli.

Tonight I made shrimp scampi and it was delicious.  I served it over brown rice.

I am hoping to go shopping tomorrow for more clean ingredients to fill my pantry.  Well now it is time for me to get my workout clothes together and get myself in the bed.

Until Tomorrow…..!

Brrrrrrr! Thursday, Oct 20 2011 

This post will cover two days……

Sorry I didn’t post last night.  I think my body is trying to go into hibernation mode.  Night before last it was in the low 30’s here and last night it was 28.  We woke up this morning to frost on the windshields.  That is way too cold for me this early.  It is only supposed to get colder and I do not know how this southern girl is going to survive the winter here in Kansas.

But enough about that…………

I have been so excited about my books coming in so that I can finally start cooking healthier and cleaner for my family.  Last night for dinner I made the Clean Marinara from Tosca Reno’s book, and it was excellent.  I served mine over whole wheat pasta.  I cooked up some Ragu for my husband and the kids because I wasn’t sure if they would eat the Clea version.  I used Grass Fed Cattle, Ground beef.  Needless to say my husband loved it and wouldn’t touch the Ragu.  He wants me to make up several batches and store it.  Oh and Tosca tells you how to do that in the book…I just love her.  If you would like the recipe and do not have the book, I will be glad to give it to you 🙂

Now, for todays post:

I am not normally a breakfast person.  I love breakfast but I prefer to have it for dinner.  I went to the grocery store yesterday on a mission.  The mission was to get some clean foods to “make” for breakfast.  That’s right, I am gonna make breakfast.  Needless to say, I didn’t get it made for the hubby.  But, oh did I enjoy what I made for myself…..

Recipe (the picture doesn’t look all that tasty, so maybe I will try to get a better one next time).

1 cup of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup 1% Milk

Cooked according to directions on the back.  As I added the Oats I also added 1 Organic Green Apple that I tossed in Cinnamon.  Just enough cinnamon to taste.  I did not drench the apples in the cinnamon.  Sounds bland, right?  That is why I added 2 tsp. of All Natual Vanilla Yogurt.  I did not want to add sugar  but I wanted a sweeter taste.  This oatmeal was amazing.  I loved it and I think you will too. 

Now, for lunch I went out with a friend.  I know, I know, shame on me.  However, I opted for a spinach and tomato enchilada and it was pretty good, refried beans 😦 and spanish rice.  I am pretty sure it was all homemade and not prepackaged though.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it……. 🙂


Food for thought.. Did you know that a handful of raw almonds will satsify your hunger?  I didn’t know this until yesterday.  I left the house and forgot to eat, so instead of stopping at Church’s Chicken, which smelled oh so good.  I bought a bag of Raw Almonds and had a handful.  To my surprise my feeling of hunger was gone.  I found out about this in The Eat Clean Diet Book.  Want more details?  Let me know.


Kids do pay attention! Wednesday, Oct 19 2011 

With all of the talk of eating clean and working out that is going around my house lately, I had to share this with you. Today, as we were sitting down to eat dinner the conversation with my youngest son, who loves to snack, went something like this:
Son: “Dad, I can tell this eating clean thing works”.
My husband: “Oh really, How is that”?
Son: “Well I have already lost weight”
My husband: “Oh yeah, you think so”?
Son: “Yes, it must be those organic cookies mom bought at the whole foods store”.

Now, just to let you know, I haven’t changed their food that much. I have been very excited about the eat clean diet, my exercise, and my new blog, so I have talked about it a lot. I did buy them some organic cookies just to try. My youngest son doesn’t eat a real variety of foods. Give him ravioli, pasta, rice, and snacks and he is ok. I am trying to get him to try different foods but by no means is he on this diet. Point-Kids do pay attention so when they say you set a positive example by practicing what you preach, they mean it…..

With that said, I received my Eat Clean Diet books today and I have already read most of the first one. I went through the cookbook and found several recipes to try. I am glad I ordered the books because I am now able to effectively fix foods for my family that are good for us!

Now it’s time for me to get my workout clothes together for tomorrow and turn up the heat. It is gonna be 30 degrees here tonight. What happened to fall?

It really is Monday! Tuesday, Oct 18 2011 

After the my fast food establishment disaster (will post picture) this weekend I learned two things.

1. Don’t eat fast food and always have something healthy in my purse before going out, just in case the hungry feeling visits me!

2. Not a good idea to stray away from good eating habits during the week because it can and will interfere with your exercise routine.

With that said:  I went to step today and had a blast as usual.  However, I found that I was really suggish.  Didn’t know if I would be able to make it through, but I did. The food from yesterday made me sick and with a terrible case of indigestion.  I left the gym after step class to come home and take some prilosec…..but it didn’t slow me down.  I went back  to attend a Zumba class.  WOW, I didn’t realize that your body was supposed to move like that.  This class was very different from any I had taken in the past.  All in all, I liked it and will go back.

After all of that working out I decided to have lunch.

A little background: I decided to start the eat clean diet a couple of weeks ago.  The only thing I knew about the diet was that you were supposed to eat clean.  Ok great, I can do that.  A friend of mine went to the whole foods store with me to gather some ingredients and to explore the store for future trips.  I have always heard that organic foods are a great way to “eat clean and healthy”.  I was so proud of myself for making healthy choices. I bought a good bit of organic food but didn’t go crazy.  I bought some chicken pot pies and a broccoli pot pie (both organic).  So after the gym today I thought the broccoli pot pie sounded yummy.  I warmed the pie and decided to sit down and watch some TV.  I got up to get some water while my pie was cooling and thought I should bring the box back with me to read (because this is all new to me).  Boy oh boy was I surprised…..24grams of fat.  Whoa!!!!

Lesson learned today-It is a great idea to eat clean and healthy, however, reading labels still applies.  Just because the item is organic doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have FAT!  Be careful.

It is Friday! Friday, Oct 14 2011 

Do you just love Friday?  I know I do.  This Friday is different for me.  On my ‘usual’ Friday, I was already looking forward to how much sleep I could get during the weekend.  I would make sure to plan my outings around a nap.  Well, not this weekend.  After this awesome week of exercise and trying to settle into the new diet, I am motivated to keep moving.   How will you spend your weekend?

Good vs Good for You! Thursday, Oct 13 2011 

A friend of mine went to the Whole Foods Store with me on Monday.  Oh my, I never realized that there was so much food to choose from when eating clean.  I bought a lot of stuff to help get me started.  I also realized that there are at least three stores in my area that carry some of the same products.  It doesn’t look like I will need to visit the whole foods store regularly.  As a matter of fact, today I had to go to the commissary (grocery store on Post) to gather some ingredients for a couple of recipes that I would like to try from the Eat Clean Diet website.  I took my husband with me on this adventure.  I looked at my husband and said “wow, I can’t believe they don’t have a bigger selection.  You would think people would want to be healthy and eat stuff that’s not only good but good for them.”  As I have only been on this journey for 3 days now, I realized at that moment that I now look at food differently and am very excited to continue.

I am also getting used to this blog.  I hope to start posting pictures soon.  I will be blogging about more than just my food and how my diet is going.  You can expect to see posts about the weather, life, my kids, husband, dogs, etc.


That is all for me tonight!


Making Changes Wednesday, Oct 12 2011 

Many of you may know my cousin Helen. Well, you may know her as Helen, Naturally! I have been reading her blogs for a while now and have decided to make some changes as well. She is my inspiration for “eating clean” and starting my own blog. Thank you and I love ya girl.
With all of that, I started my program today. I tried a new class at the gym tonight too. Body Pump! If you’ve never tried it and have it near you I recommend going.
In the the days to come, I hope to share with you some of my healthy choices for foods and some of my work outs. My husband and children are also participating in eating healthier. Their food will be a little different from mine. I will let you know how that works out.
I will leave you with this: It’s never too late for change especially when the change us good for you!